What Is Packwoods Cannabis?

Packwoods is one of the most recognized names in premium cannabis products in the country. Originally founded in California, Packwoods has grown to be a multistate cannabis brand with products available in several states, including right here in Boston, Massachusetts. With a brand message of, “We Roll Different,” Packwoods upholds its reputation for providing exceptional cannabis with respectable genetics and quality in everything they do.

The Packwoods Product Line

Packwoods as a brand has everything from its line of premium cannabis to vapes. In Massachusetts, you’ll find:

  • Packwoods Cannabis Vape in picks like Sour Diesel and Jelly Dulce live resin
  • Packwoods Premium Cannabis Prerolls in picks like Blue Slurpie and Black Cherry Gelato
  • Packwoods Infused Blunts in strains like Legend OG, Purple ZaZa, and Sour Gushers
  • Packwoods Heavies Infused Prerolls in strains like Banana Flambé and Unicorn Sherbert

Packwoods Cannabis FAQs

How potent are Packwoods prerolls?

Packwoods has a few different types of pre-rolls. The classic Packwoods infused blunts can have potency ranging from 25 to 45% THC or more. Heavies can be even more potent with THC percentages that hit as much as 55%. Be sure to look at the total THC content on any Packwoods cannabis products to get specifics.

What are Packwoods blunts infused with?

The potency in Packwoods pre-rolls comes from the fact that these blunts are infused with live resin cannabis concentrates. Heavies are also dusted with kief for an added punch of flavor and potency.

What extracts are in a Packwoods cannabis vape?

Packwoods cannabis vape is made with premium live resin. The live resin is taken from high-quality flower with exceptional terpene profiles for added flavor.

Packwoods Cannabis Reviews

People always have good things to say about Packwoods cannabis products. The vapes are known to be exceptionally high-quality when it comes to how they are made, the strain-authentic flavor profiles, and impressive potency options. Packwoods premium cannabis prerolls are just as popular due to their high potency, quality of the flower, and strain selection.

Where to Buy Packwoods in Massachusetts

Packwoods cannabis products are available at several Massachusetts recreational dispensaries. The brand is always in high demand, and there are dozens of retailers partnered with the brand in the state.

Buy Packwoods Cannabis Products in Boston at New Dia

At New Dia, we strive to bring the top of the crop to our menu, so to speak. Therefore, we’re proud to offer the well-loved Packwoods brand on our menu. Be sure to explore our full collection of products from this brand and more via our online menu or stop in for a visit. Don’t forget, our Boston dispensary is open until midnight!

Explore Packwoods Cannabis

Looking for some of the best prerolls and cannabis vapes in Boston? Ask around, and there’s a good possibility one name will come up quite often: Packwoods. Find out more about this bold brand, why they’re a go-to for many dispensary customers, and what they have to offer below.

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