Super Boof Weed Strain

On the search for the epitome of a classic hybrid weed strain? There’s one that always rises to the top when it comes to dispensary customer preferences: the Super Boof weed strain. This lovable strain from Kapnos Cannabis Co. is hands-down one of the most sought-after strains in Boston. What strain is Super Boof, and what does this cultivar have to offer? Find out below.

What is the Super Boof weed strain?

Super Boof, which is also known as the Superboof strain, is a potent strain with a respectable lineage known for its uplifting nature and sweet/sour flavor profile. This strain can pack a punch, depending on its lineage and cultivator, with THC ranges that can run well over 30%.

Strain Type

Is the Super Boof strain Sativa or Indica?

Super Boof is about as well-balanced as you can get with a cannabis strain. The strain is known to be a classic, 50/50 Hybrid, and it definitely picks up characteristics pretty evenly from both sides of the fence in terms of appearance and effects.

More Super Boof Weed Strain Characteristics


Super Boof is a genetic cross between Black Cherry Punch and Tropicanna Cookies. These two parent strains are well-loved for their effects and flavor profiles, and Super Boof picks up the best notes from both.


Super Boof buds boast tightly packed, flatter-than-usual emerald-green nuggets, adorned with delicate red-orange strands and glistening miniature amber crystals.


Aromatically, the Super Boof strain has a heavy nose with rich notes of pungent cheese, sweet melon, and a tang of earth.


The flavor of this bud dances between the sweetness of cherry berries and the tang of citrus, with a funky layer of cheese and melon to round things out.


The most dominant terpene in Super Boof is myrcene, but others contribute to the strain’s overall aromatics and flavors like limonene and caryophyllene.

Super Boof Strain Effects:

Super Boof truly shines when it comes to its effects. As can be expected from a well-balanced hybrid, Super Boof strikes a balance between euphoric energy and blissful relaxation. Fans of the strain on Leafly say that Super Boof leaves you feeling creative, focused, and giggly, and usually leads to a healthy appetite. It is also said to be a good “day strain” because it doesn’t lock you to the couch and keeps your head in the game.

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Where to Buy Super Boof in Massachusetts

Super Boof is available from a handful of dispensaries in Massachusetts, but if you find it, act fast! The high demand for this strain can make it hard to track down.

Buy the Super Boof Strain in Boston at New Dia

Looking for a personal introduction to the Super Boof cannabis strain? Be sure to stop by for a visit at New Dia in Boston. We strive to keep all the most popular strains on our menu.


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